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ZODIAC - Rasierter Affe 10"

"Another absolutely outstanding release from 7 Degrees Records (this time with the help of Amplified Anger Records), "Rasierter Affe" is the latest from Zodiac. They're from Bremen, Germany; so of course they draw comparisons to such revered acts as Acme, Carol, Mörser, etc.; and rightfully so. This is some seriously powerful metallic hardcore with a good dose of grinding intensity. Expect loads of churning power chords, a dash of D-beat, dark and discordant riffing, killer melodies with a Swedish tinge, scorching tremolo picking runs, vicious shouting/screaming, etc. Awesome recording, too. I have zero complaints. It's always great when a band can combine straightforward, brutal heaviness and chaotic energy with just enough catchiness to completely kick your ass, and Zodiac seems to pull it off with ease. That's all there is to it, really. Five songs, about 14 minutes, and it's all gold. Just check out the track below and if you're not sold, you must be deaf!"

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