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WHORLS - Petrichor LP (coloured vinyl)

WHORLS - Petrichor LP (coloured vinyl)

Hailing from Denmark, Whorls deliver a beast of a debut LP on a bunch of labels from around the world.  Founded in 2011, Whorls (with members of Putrifier) play a modern/post style of black metal and atmospheric darkened hardcore with hideous chaos and sludgy outbursts.  After a killer demo and 7" they attack again with an absolutely massive full length.  If you are into Celeste, Hexis, or Rorcal this is definitely for you.  Comes in a beautiful gatefold cover. 

-limited to 525 copies
-100 copies in coloured vinyl (this), 425 in black
-180gr thick vinyl
-gatefold cover

Labels involved:
Maniyax Records 
5FeetUnder Records
Grains of Sands Records
Bookhouse Records
The Path Less Traveled Records
Wolves And Vibrancy Records
Bloated Veins Records 
IFB Records

TWO Colours:
- 100 in brown-hazed (this)
- 425 in black (sold out)

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10 EUR
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