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WHORLS - Lvmen Natvrae 7"

WHORLS - Lvmen Natvrae 7"

Maniyax Release MNYX_09:

Hailing from Denmark, Whorls play a chaotic mix of blackened punk and metal. This is their first 7" and the sound is like a head-butt that blows up your face! They have some influences from Celeste and countrymates Hexis but create a unique style of chaos-hardcore that bands were playing at the end of 90's or in the beginning of 2000. They remind of ACME or the first period of Dragbody and even the old French band Soar. The whole releaese comes with a good part of Black Metal. Whorls still being completely original and crushing. Your ears will bleed!

This is limited to 250 copies, so better be quick.

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