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WARFUCK - neatification lp

Warfuck is a power duo grindcore band from Lyon in France. Founded in August 2011 they played their first gig in July 2012 and since then they played in entire Europe and on many cool Metal Festivals. In only two and a half years these two guys (Nico – vocals, guitars & Mak – vocals, drums) released two full lenghts albums. Currently “Neantification”, recorded and mixed in summer 2013 and released in December 2013 in an co-production of 16 european labels. 15 songs, round about 25 minutes and only some short cool samples. This is great groovy grindcore with a lot of powerviolence thrown in it, making Warfuck a perfect mix of the two genres and a solid record for both fans of modern grind bands like Nasum or Rotten Sound and of classic fast powerviolence a-la Capitalist Casualties and Crossed Out!

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