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Thurm s/t LP

Thurm s/t LP

Thurm is a brand new band with with (ex-) members of ANTEATER and AMBER. This 12"-vinyl record is the first record from them. You will get epic, brutal and apocalyptic music which will blast you right away. Black Metal meets Hardcore. For fans of RORCAL, HEXIS, CELESTE etc...
This release comes on heavy 180gramm vinyl with an heavy cover jacket including insert. Total Pressing of 500 records. 100 copies on WHITE VINYL with black inside and 400 copies on CLEAR VINYL with black and white mixed.

:: Record Information ::
:: 100 copies on WHITE vinyl with black inside (colour in colour)
:: 400 copies on CLEAR vinyl with black and white mixed (this!)
:: 25 testpressings (only available at the Kiel Explode Festival Vol.5 - june 20th)
:: including downloadcode

(Preis ohne MwSt. gem. ยง19 UStG und exklusive Versandkosten)
10 EUR