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Thisquietarmy - Vessels LP

Thisquietarmy - Vessels LP

Montreal's THISQUIETARMY create sublime yet massive walls of beautiful shimmering drone, at times with a near pop sensibility, at others near Industrial in its percussive bombast.

'Vessels' explores themes of the sea and man's struggle with this relentless and all pervasive force, the music a perfect means of expressing both the flat calm and the force 9 storm. Eric Quach, the man behind thisquietarmy, is a prolific artist, and 'Vessels' is perhaps his most impactful work to date. 'The Pacific Theater' grips the listener in warm drone before slamming them into the rocks with epic percussion. Album closer 'A Spanish Galleon' takes a more gentle approach with clean guitar and washes of orchestral strings.

The album is presented as a matte digipak CD with glued in booklet.

The vinyl version is presented a 180g clear vinyl a vellum cover and 1/3 back flap, housed in a heavy PVC sleeve. Limited to 300 copies only! Comes with DL code.

AB: "We are very proud to finally present the vinyl edition of this stunning album, and it truly sounds immense in this format!"


01 - The Pacific Theater 11:59 
02 - Lost Crusades 9:03 
03 - Shipwrecks 1:36 
04--The Black Sea 10:04 
05 - A Spanish Galleon 8:55

Label: Aurora Borealis (UK) 
Format: Digipak / Clear vinyl 
Release date: May 2011 (CD) / May 2012 (LP)
Mastering: James Plotkin 
Photography: Meryem Yildiz 
Artwork: Eric Quach

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16 EUR