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THISQUIETARMY - Blackhaunter 12''

THISQUIETARMY - Blackhaunter 12''

Label: Denovali

Thick matte covers, thick matte printed inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code. This is a special clear/white vinyl mix, limited to 150 pieces!

 Blackhaunter is Thisquietarmy's sophomore album initially released in 2008. Its themes revolve around inner demons and the darker side of affairs. The cleansing ritual is processed in slow-motion throughout six powerful mood-shifting tracks, while struggling deeply between the realms of ghostly dreams and sexy nightmares. Extra spicy agony, martial metronomic beats & haunting suffocation included. Expect to wake up from this deliverance covered in sweat...

"We shift into ethereal gothic oceans, like Godspeed You Black Emperor covering a song by Low, and then next into a journey that feels like a David Lynch backdrop. It's like a relaxation tape for demons, I think!" - The Big Takeover

"Following in the surrealists’ steps, Blackhaunter stands against everything loud, existing as an ever-flowing, ghastly-abstract shout, quiescent, but constantly humming in one’s ear. For that matter, thisquietarmy represents the genuine reincarnation of avant-garde, conquering realm after realm after realm." - The Silent Ballet

"Here is where Thisquietarmy shows its teeth, forming the post rock genre to the dark side. The author uses dark ambient drone for giving tones, atmospheres and effects that serve the role of the aural thematic, but the methods and arrangements, the sonic strategy to create the atmospheres bases is premise in post rock. It’s clear that the vast experience inherited from his work in this genre gave him the ability to create the Thisquietarmy world, a shady and melancholic vision, vividly cinematic and authentically progressive." - Heathen Harvest

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