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Aldo Raine / Nous Étions Split 10″

Aldo Raine / Nous Étions Split 10″

This is MNYX-Release no. 8 and it is a very very nice record. "Do-it-together" was the main thing that brought us all together and so this became a split between a canadian and a german band and with many nice labels like Don't live like me Records, Aqueous Records, Truelove Entertainment and Désertion Records (USA, Canada, France and Germany).
The covers are silkscreend by Benni from Black Ink on heavyweight eco-cardboard and look freaking amazing. The artwork is so detailed and perfect it makes me cring and its done by the amazing David Schiesser. The sound is superb and you will be amazed on the quality of this recording.

Both bands have released very good debuts in the first half of 2012 and now they put out a new four-song split. Aldo Raine combines screamo/hardcore with dreamy post-rock touch from Düsseldorf, Germany and Nous Étions play post-metal and sludge influenced screamo from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The mood of the record is quite ethereal and a little darker than their previous songs and the sound of the split is dynamic and properly heavy, I think. Excellent stuff for Fans of Amber, Sed Non Satiata, Le pre ou je suis mort, etc.!

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