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OMEGA MASSIF - Geisterstadt Tape

OMEGA MASSIF - Geisterstadt Tape

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The sounds of this album may remind you of the good old records of PELICAN and ISIS, but OMEGA MASSIF go much further. The spiralling melodies overlaying the rolling riffs and pummeling basses make the songs of GEISTERSTADT sound celestial and infernal at the same time. The diversity and ingenuity of OMEGA MASSIF is maybe best seen in the 10 minute monster ‘Nebelwand’ - starting with fragile drums and melodies, the tension slowly increases by including an accordion (!!), followed by short outbursts of massive sound walls. However, OMEGA MASSIF are not in a hurry, and so it takes 6 minutes until the powerful sound storms interweaved with the elevated melodies typical for the band finally take the lead and dominate the song until the end. This is not the usual silent start/big climax thing well-known from postrock records - this is one of the best instrumental/metal/doomcore records in the past years! And remember that this is only OMEGA MASSIF’s debut, one can only vaguely guess what is to be expected in the future.


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