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Notions ‎– Rorschach LP

Notions ‎– Rorschach LP

"Our Gratitude for the support and inspiration goes out to all promoters who set up shows for us, bands we played with and the people who believe in DIY, without you guys we would still waste away in our practice room.
We want to live in a world free of oppression and therefore support emancipatory movements. Against racism, sexism, homophobia and all other forms of discrimination.

Kai, Martin, Timo, Christian
released February 6, 2017

Rorschach was recorded and mixed by Falk Andreas in February and April 2016.
Drums recorded at Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg.
Guitars and vocals recorded in our practice room.
Mastered by Roland Wiegner.
Artwork by Benedikt Demmer, Druckwelle Design.

tags: hardcore punk rock hardcore punk punk rock Münster"

A1 Compass & Magnet
A2 Carry my Name
A3 Rorschach
A4 Beneath your Feet
A5 Wires
B1 Walter
B2 Hypocrites
B3 Fortschritt um des Fortschritts Willen
B4 Ruin

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