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Modern Pets – Excessice/Organic Kidneys 7″

Modern Pets – Excessice/Organic Kidneys 7″

Berlins Pop-Punk-Wizards, will release a ltd. 7″ with one song of the upcoming album and one unreleased song Mids of march on TCM. The 7″ will be called “Excessive b/w Organic Kidneys” and will be ready for their releaseshow in berlin.

i quote an older review here: ”They lit their snot-filled crackerjacks on their cigarette butts and throw them straight into the face of all the yuppie scum and career advisors, covering the cities in good old 77´ styled Punkrock slime! Snotty and wild Punk songs with damn fine lyrics that will leave all hipster punks drooling in their fancy drinks and pissing their designer pants in awe.” thats pretty much it…

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