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MIO - Jedes Wort Eine Lüge 12"

MIO - Jedes Wort Eine Lüge 12"

Finally the long awaited (solo) 12“ debut of MIO is released. The fact

that the former duo is a trio now already has spread around. Also, that the band musically very evolved was notable on one of the countless shows in the last two years. The five songs are darker, more mature and
much more variable (not at least by the vocals of new singer Barbara). the basic concept has not changed, so there are of course comparisons to Her Breath On Glass, but MIO are more aggressive than HBOG.
The Five songs are pressed on a one-sided 12“. The B-side comes with a unique etching. ! e template for this etching was created in detailed hand work (master etched by hand and not by a machine). The cover is screen-printed and completes this artful release skillfully.

via moment of collapse

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