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Gum - but woman monkey LP

Gum - but woman monkey LP

Second album of GUM from Italy. Gum play an amazing old school sludge between Iron Monkey and Moho, mixing with some awesome samples of horror movies.  Them music are insane, crunchy, crusty playing with some great groovy riffs. 

"This record speaks about the problems and the horrors that plague our millennium. Starting with the environmental issues that have arised building nuclear plants, useless and dangerous for the present but in particular for the future, like Fukushima and Chernobyl. Also speaks about a religion which is good for nothing and all it is concerned with is adding gold rings to his fingers. To the end, speaks to the end of human dignity, a life of alcohol and drug abuse, loneliness and depression, where all of us sooner or later in one way or the other plunge in. This is caused by our society that wants to make us deaf and blind reaching the complete destruction of human relationships."

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