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ELIZABETH - Where Vultures Land (Deluxe Edition) LP

ELIZABETH - Where Vultures Land (Deluxe Edition) LP

"Formed in 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland, ELIZABETH has quickly built a reputation with their retentless brand of hardcore/crust and energetic live shows that brought them from La Havane to St Petersburg. This LP combines all their existing material on the same record : a repress of the 2012 "Where Vultures Land" 12"EP and for the first time on vinyl their 2010 demo - five tracks that show a band that has been impressing since day one. All packaged in a deluxe jacket and with a brand new cover art."

Tracks 1-8 appear on "Where Vultures Land" (2012) 
Tracks 9-13 appear on "Demo" (2010)

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- Housed in a reverse-board heavy jacket with spot UV varnish, comes on white vinyl. 
- Logotype by Fortifem 
- Co-release with Lost Pilgrims Records.


  1. Darkness
  2. The Call
  3. Sharp Teeth And Knives
  4. Sailor's Grave
  5. Candles
  6. Black Eyed
  7. Heartbeats
  8. Rising Kingdom
  9. Private Eye
  10. Buried
  11. Dead Ends
  12. Half Measure
  13. Pouring Sand
white vinyl.

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