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Chambers / The Death Of Anna Karina - Split LP

Chambers / The Death Of Anna Karina - Split LP

"Chambers are a band from Pisa, Italy featuring members of Violent Breakfast. Chambers play a great style of music with elements of epic post rock mixed with screamo and posthardcore. This might be a stretch, but Chambers may sound like a more mature sounding Violent Breakfast. Fans of Violent Breakfast, Aussiotot Mort, Raein, Sofy Major, and Pianos Become The Teeth take note!  Chambers offer up three new songs on their side of the split.  The second band on the split is a band I've always meant to check out, but haven't until now.  Death Of Anna Karina is a five piece band from Correggio, Italy who formed in 2002.  The Death Of Anna Karina play a similar style of post hardcore tinged screamo that's an absolute must listen for fans of Raein, La Quiete, and Daitro.  On their side of the split, The Death Of Anna Karina offer up four songs of discordant and tense posthardcore/screamo.  Overall, this is a killer split LP and each band compliments each other well.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!"

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