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BURIAL YEAR - “Pestilence” Lp

BURIAL YEAR - “Pestilence” Lp

"At first listen to BURIAL YEAR's debut full length, it's comparable to entering a humid, rat infested basement crammed with a simmering stew of sociopaths and other societal dregs beating the bloody hell out of one another. Driven by the same ravenous hate and blood thirsty brutality of DISCORDANCE AXIS AND ASSÜCK, BURIAL YEAR are paving a new path straight through the filthy depths of today's slowly decaying hardcore and metal compost pile. "pestilence" is the most challenging and technical album BURIAL YEAR's members have released to date, featuring an extremely rhythmic heavy foundation, complex metallic riffing, and politically charged venomous words"

(2006/Adagio 380)

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